The CaliBar Way

At CaliBar, we’re always trying to get to know what’s the next best thing for you. And we may take the help of food-tech experts, dieticians, nutritionists… the list goes on. But at the heart of our products is you. The consumer. The OG CaliBar products were created keeping you in mind, and also by asking hundreds of real consumers what they wanted their protein bar to taste, feel and look like. That has carried on to our newest products and will continue to inspire our product line, designed with you at the center.

A CaliBar a Day keeps your fitness woes away

Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not trying to replace an apple here. Just stating that maybe, you realize now that only an apple would not do the trick if you want to be active and reach your fitness goals. There’s a CaliBar for every need (and every palate). We’ve made our products so that you can get that extra push for every run, hike, cycling trip or even when you miss a meal – we won’t let you slack!

CaliBar = Great Taste

In many ways, CaliBar introduced the concept of a good-tasting protein bar to India. If you’ve tried our products, you know that CaliBar products are super-tasty without compromising on the nutrition. Now the new bars have reduced carbs, lower sugar and calories, making you wonder whether they taste as good as they did before. Well, the only way to know would be to try them ;)