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Gluten Free
No Added Colour
No Added Sugar
No Preservatives
Sweetened With Honey*
No Artificial Sweetener
Trans-Fat Free

*Berry Almond Variant Only

Protein & Fiber For Your Strong Body

Protein & Fiber For Your Strong Body

It surprised us too when we read that adult men and women need to consume almost 1 gram of protein for every kg of their weight daily*. When we look at our diets, we are far off from achieving that everyday. CaliBar goes a long way in making that happen. Our bars are not only a high-protein source, they also have dietary fiber, and that is important when you want all that protein to get absorbed by the body. Our 10g protein bars are for everyone who is looking to have a tasty and healthy snack, and our 20g protein bars support the nutritional needs of anyone leading an active lifestyle.
*Based on Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) issued by ICMR.

Crrrisspiest Bars Out There

Crrrisspiest Bars Out There

Protein is serious business. But who said it couldn’t be fun? And delicious? After all, when you’re taking care of your body, you have earned the right to have something yummy to munch on…without the guilt of course. That is where CaliBar comes in. CaliBar is the tastiest protein bar out there. It is also the crispiest. The first result on a Google search for ‘Why do humans like crispy food?’ shows that, ‘crispiness adds a whole new sensory quality to food, beyond taste’. Our unique formulation of crispies makes having a CaliBar feel more than having just a protein bar. It makes having one an amazing experience. Find out yourself and take a bite of our crazy new low-sugar bars.


I have been having CaliBar mainly after working out. It has helped me a lot with my muscle recovery and getting all my macros in a convenient way.

Sidharth AroraMusician

I think that CaliBar is a lot of fun with the crispiness and the packaging. There is always a feel-good factor after having this bar.

Kashish MainiEntrepreneur

I love how these bars are extremely tasty. I wanted to switch to healthy snacking but didn’t want to give up tasty food. CaliBar gives me the best of both worlds.

Surbhi SethiFashion and Lifestyle Blogger

During the lockdown, I still had to go to work everyday. I felt that CaliBar has been a healthier and safer option for me instead of the regular biscuits and chocolates out there.

Anuj BaidEntrepreneur

There is always a CaliBar with me when I’m cycling. I need a power booster between my cycling sessions and instead of having just sugar-laden chocolates, I get cleaner energy from a CaliBar protein bar.

Andrew SolomonAnalytical Consultant

I have taken some time to get comfortable with having protein bars. But if you’re looking for something tasty and fulfilling, CaliBar is definitely an option to consider.

Sahil SharmaChemical Engineer

I’m excited to try the new CaliBar with lower carb content. I have been a big fan of the coffee flavor and I know the newer bars are going to be healthier and better for me.

Tamanna ChandhiokFinancial Consultant

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