8 Myth-busters with CaliBar

8 Myth-busters with CaliBar

In my family, conversations about healthy eating were pretty common, but we didn’t really talk about quantifying how much nutritional value we were getting out of our food. My dad used to be a hardcore vegetarian but being a national level table tennis player at the time, he was made to have eggs by his coach. He knew eggs were important and he needed to have as much as he could but the quantity he needed to sustain his physical demands was not determined. There were lots of myths about different foods back then and you see them floating around even now on whatsapp and social media. We know there are plenty of myths out there about protein bars as well. For instance, some people have the misconception that protein bars are just for athletes or people trying to bulk up. Other folks believe they simply cannot be good for us. And then there are those who simply don’t know what protein bars are all about.

Let’s dig into some nutty nutrition myth-busting so you can get to know CaliBar protein bars a little better.

Myth 1: Getting protein daily is a task

When a lot of people think about protein supplements, their minds might jump to unpleasant massive canisters of protein powder, with a blender mess to boot. Thankfully, getting protein in your diet doesn’t need to be so complicated. It’s much easier to stock up on individually wrapped protein bars. With our new and improved CaliBar, just pop a box in the fridge and grab one when you’re in need of a bite or nutrient boost.

Myth 2: Look for quantity in a protein bar

CaliBar Protein bars aren’t exactly defined by a certain amount of protein. In fact, the grams of protein your body needs will depend on a variety of factors, from how you’re built and how active you are, to what nutritional goals you’re working toward.

But you can think about it in terms of quality over quantity: The important thing is to look for high-quality sources of protein when considering different types of protein bars. For instance, the protein in CaliBar comes from top quality whey protein freshly ground almonds, milk, and rice.

Myth 3: Only Eat Protein Bars Before or After a Workout

It’s true that CaliBar Protein bars are often stashed in gym bags. They can be great choices for active or athletic people looking to restore and build muscle. However, protein bars are a lot more versatile than that. CaliBar and a piece of fresh fruit can make a wholesome, satiating breakfast. To be full, you don’t always need paranthas, a toast or even oats. CaliBar can keep you full all morning until it’s time for lunch! Or, you can nibble on a CaliBar as a late-afternoon snack to hold you over until dinnertime. They’re pretty much ready to eat whenever you are.

Myth 4: All Protein Bars Are Created Equal

Just because they’re protein bars does not mean they’re all CaliBar Protein bars. At least, not if you scrutinize your snacks and uphold certain food values. It’s important to make sure the foods you eat line up with your nutritional goals as well as your values as a consumer.

For example, with CaliBar, you’ll only ever find gluten-free ingredients. We want to make sure you can get all the goodness you’re looking for without having to compromise on what matters.

Myth 5: Protein Bars Will Make You Lose/Gain Weight

Protein bars may be nutrient-dense, but that does not mean they will automatically help you gain or lose weight. Only combining your diet and your daily exercise can help you manage your weight.

In simple terms, if you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning, you may experience weight gain. And, vice-versa, if you’re eating fewer calories than you’re using up, you may lose some weight. Whether you choose to eat a protein bar as a meal replacement or an extra source of fuel to maintain a healthy weight is completely up to you.

Myth 6: Healthy Protein Bars Taste Bad

Dry, brittle, sticky, chewy... we have have heard it all about protein bars. That’s why we pride ourselves on our truly tasty flavors!

Just take a glimpse at our mouthwatering lineup of bars and you will see we’re inspired by all those little luxuries that hit the spot. For instance, add a bit of berries here, a handful of almonds there and you’ve got our best-selling Berry Almond Crispy Bar. When the seasons change, you can count on us to whip up a few sweet surprises in small batches, too.

Myth 7: A Chocolate Protein Bar Is a Candy Bar

All of this talk about roasted coffee, berries and chocolate might have you wondering if protein bars aren’t just glorified candy bars. While you will definitely get the flavors you crave, CaliBar Protein bars are healthy alternatives to the sugar rush you get from junk food.

For example, our Berry Almond Crisp bar is sweetened with honey rather than sugar alcohols and other refined added sugar. This will help keep your blood sugar levels steady and your energy sustained. As a better-for-you sweet snack bolstered by other essential nutrients like protein and fiber, a CaliBar will always take the cake.

Myth 8: Protein Bars Are Just for Grown-Ups

Who says you can’t find CaliBar Protein bars for the whole family? A full-sized CaliBar may be too much for tiny tummies. Instead, you can share your favorite snack with the little ones thanks to the smaller variant with 10g protein. They’re prepared with gluten-free rice crisps with berries. and they come in color-inspired, kid-approved flavor.